Tuesday, 13 March 2012

i am give *believe or not ?

saya nk cakap yang saya sudah give buat homework 
saya nk cakap saya dah malas buat homework
saya nk cakap saya dah sakit nk buat homework
saya nk cakap sy benci dah buat homework
sy nk cakap yang sy dh xde rase nk buat omwork 
sy nk ckp home work sy bnyk sesangat .

You all want to know I have a lot of homework but two subjects je lha. in 2 subjects NIM lha that a lot of homework. history homework it the most numerous. be prepared notes until chapter 3, make a mind map until chapter 10. chapter 10? can you imagine that. I also was surprised to hear that. remember there is no other school work?. It tensyan me if I like this every time the holidays. I know it all to my advantage, but not unreasonable for the work la pom teacher. I am not a robot. I am not someone else surely the teacher. I am not as efficient as others. I have only a weak in the subjects of history. I've a long way to understand the history that I learned over the years but one thing did not enter the head of my brain. sir, I am very sorry with you because I can not expand it for what my friends do. both of them can do it but I do not teachers. now I was doing school work given but a new chapter. note I have not done. I do not know whether or not for my time doing it. I do not sit day before. I do homework on it but for the subject english. I have to do 5 sample essay. thankfully, that's all ready. how to history? if not ready? forfeit replied. not what, I did not bother me wrong I was frightened because they did not make the school work. apapon I will endeavor to complete all my homework
iam soryy if i say that make anyoneheart . i just want to "luahkan perassan "

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